This vexing disorder has increased enormously in Australia across the last three decades. Several Australians die of it a week. Alarmingly, it is only recently that allergy has been recognized in some quarters as a significant causative factor (NOT a ‘trigger’). Again, dust mite, mould spores, animal danders, seasonal pollens, foods and yeasts, can be implicated.

Desensitization (with extreme caution in very severe asthmatics) and diets are called for. If candida yeast is involved, a course of the antibiotic NYSTATIN is required, to kill off the candida which lives in the large bowel (usually as innocuous parasite). This applies to rhinitis and sinusitis.

Finally, chemical food allergies (dyes, preservatives and MSG) can provoke asthma. Typically the onset is some 8 to 12 hours after the ingestion of the chemical.